Apple May Announce the Mac Mini

After the announcement of the much-awaited iPhone 6 family, we are now waiting for new devices to be revealed. Along with the next generation iPad models, we could also soon get new portable computers from Apple. The Mac Mini could be officially mentioned at Apple’s next October event. The original Mac Mini was a rather interesting device, but Apple has neglected it for nearly a decade. Reports revealed that Apple will release the new Mac Mini, which is a bit strange; because Intel will release the new Broadwell processor next year.

This means, there is a possibility that Apple will include the Haswell processor inside the new iPad Mini. Of course, we won’t get the workstation-level performance, but the Mac Mini should be capable enough for typical computing tasks. A retailer in Belgium listed the Mac Mini in its official website and it includes the Intel Core i7 Haswell processor. The website said that the Mac Mini will be launched in February and it didn’t come to pass. The original Mac Mini may not be a laptop in truest definition, since it lacks display, keyboard and other basic components. However, users could still get a highly portable computing solution.

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