Apple Makes MacBook Cheaper for Consumers

Cheaper Apple MacBook for ConsumersApple revealed recently that it is making some MackBook Air and MacBook Pro models cheaper for consumers. The 13” Retina MacBook Pro with 128GB of flash storage now starts from $1,449 (Approx. £933). A more expensive model will receive a newer 2.6GHz Intel Core i5 3320M processor. Now, Apple also sells the 13” MacBook Air with 256GB of flash storage at only $1,399 (Approx. £901). There seems to be minimal changes to the rest of hardware specs.

The economic recession is still affecting much of the world and Apple needs to do something to ensure acceptable sales rates. Things have been a bit worrisome for Apple as the company saw a reduced sales of about 21 percent compared to the earlier holiday season.

There’s also a slightly dipped interest on the iPhone and investors in Wall Street are concerned that the company may be losing its domination on the tech industry. Since Steve Jobs passed away, Apple has taken steps to approach budget-oriented consumers, starting with the iPad Mini. The reduction of MacBook prices are another step towards this direction.

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