Alcatel’s Smartbook Concept Relies on an External Smartphone

TCL seems to have a great plan for its Alcatel brand and the company has introduced a new smartbook concept during the MWC event. The laptop looks visually like the 11-inch MacBook Air, but it doesn’t has brains of its own. Instead, it relies on a smartphone that could transform it into a usable laptop.

The whole arrangement does its magic without an actual slot and sans any wires. The display is connected to the smartphone through WiFi connection, while the multi-touch trackpad and keyboard rely on Bluetooth connection. The demo unit doesn’t use touch-capable display; but the final unit could be touch-enabled. Even users can’t touch things on the display, the whole concept sound quite intriguing.

The entire pairing mechanism is based on MediaTek’s Hotknot implementation that doesn’t involve NFC chips. The drawback is, the easy pairing capability is supported only by devices with MediaTek’s processors. So, high-end smartphones rocking Snapdragon 800 or Exynos Octa 5 processor are out.

In addition, we hear that TCL will also make its upcoming smartbook models compatible with select devices, probably other Alcatel smartphone models. We could be hopeful that TCL will change their mind eventually, which could improve the machine’s flexibility.

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