Chromebooks are among the few crazes that hit the laptop industry. These machines are still laptops, but with Google’s Chrome OS, not Microsoft Windows. These devices are intended to work with online connection and Cloud back-up system. Common advantages of Chromebooks are easy Cloud setup, easy internet browser access and fast boot-up time. Apparently, Acer C720 could do just that.

It is equipped with touchscreen display, 32GB internal storage, HDMI port and USB port. There are four variants of the Acer 720; two without touchscreen displays (one in 32GB of storage and another with 16GB) and two with touchscreen displays, also with the same storage configuration.

The laptop is made of plastic with sturdy, rigid and solid feel. There’s a full-sized keyboard with matte keys , but without backlight feature. The trackpad below the keyboard is big enough for typical multi-finger gestures. Aside from its trackpad and keyboard inputs, the C720 could work like a tablet with its touchscreen functions.

Inside, users could find Intel Celeron 2955U processor, clocked at 1.4GHz. Also present is 2GB of RAM, which is more than enough for document creation and web browsing. Thanks to its efficient hardware, the Acer C720 should last about 6 hours and in term of battery life, the Chromebook should perform better compared to other Chromebooks.

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