MacBook Air ModelWe have heard recently that Apple is gearing up to release a new MacBook Air model with a Retina Display-capable screen. These rumors came from a number of sources in Taiwan. It is said that the device will arrive on the third quarter, with components for the laptop are scheduled for shipping in Q2 2013. The company started releasing Retina displays in 2012 for the MacBook Pro, which offers revamped, thinner design. However the company still continues to offer MacBook Pro with standard design and integrated optical drive.

The Macbook Air is among the most affordable Apple’s laptop model starting at $999 (Approx. £643) price tag. The Retina display will add some premium value to the lineup and without doubt, a higher price tag. Higher screen resolution will require more powerful hardware specs to maintain the same level of performance and it’s not known whether Apple will use better processor and graphics solution. The report also said that Apple will release a new iPad 9.7″ model with the GF2 display technology currently used by the iPad Mini.

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