Since the release of touch-optimized Windows 8 and touchscreen panels for laptops, the notebook landscape has become an exciting experimental playground. Various laptop makers toy around with ways to integrate touch capability into their new model. Consequently, it’s a bit challenging to tell which models that will succeed or fail.

A popular tech website, DigiTimes quoted a report from manufacturers of laptop hinges that says hybrid touchscreen laptops already accounted for more than 20 percent share in the market during Q1.

Considering Windows 8 touch-capable laptops are relatively new, this is a rather large number. The number is expected to grow, especially when laptops powered by Intel Bay Trail enter the market. These affordable models may eventually be priced similar to current low-end subnotebooks, powered by Intel Atom N2600 and N2800.

Many have argued that touchscreen panel on laptops are just gimmicks that brings little impact to the overall productivity level. However, as prices of touchscreen panel for laptops drop further, there’s less reason for users to avoid them.

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