Toshiba recently released the Portege Z30 ultrabook along with five other models. It’s a business-oriented device that users can upgrade in house. Technicians in IT department can unscrew the chassis easily to replace worn-out battery modules and add more RAM.

This could reduce maintenance cost for companies and extend the effective of the ultrabook. With their slim chassis, batteries can be difficult to replace in ultrabooks and often they have fixed amount of RAM. So it’s a good thing to know that both RAM modules and battery are replaceable inside the Z30.

The Z30 comes with an energy-efficient Intel Core “Haswell” processor, 16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD or 750GB HDD and a decent 13-inch (1366 x 768) display. With its relatively low resolution and TN panel, the display is probably a slight disappointment, since colors do look a bit washed out and vertical viewing angles aren’t as impressive as we would expect from a display of this type.

The touchscreen variant of the Z30, has a better 1080p display with non-recessed design that gives it a rather modern look. Many business users choose laptops instead of tablets because they expect to type comfortably with the physical keyboard. The backlight on the keyboard is rather convenient and keys have a bit of extra travel than other ultrabook models. At the moment, Toshiba hasn’t revealed pricing for the device.

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