The Sol is Promised to be a More Practical Solar-Powered Laptop

The London-based WaWi Telecommunications Inc. is taking a rather project by developing laptops that run with solar power. The 15-employee company makes it possible for users to run their laptop without using the electricity grid. This should be appropriate for outdoor enthusiasts and users who live in places with unreliable electricity.

The Sol has four solar-charging panels that are placed on the laptop’s case. With only a couple hours of charging time under bright sunlight, it’s possible for the laptop run between 8 and 10 hours. Unfortunately, this is a rather risky project, since previous attempts to address issues of underprivileged groups of consumers were met with mixed success.

Samsung has introduced solar-powered laptops a couple of years ago in Africa, but the cumbersome design and long charging time made them unappealing to many users. The Sol could have better success in the market, if it is affordable, compact and easy to operate.

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