Sony VAIO E11 Review

The E11 is a chunky-looking laptop and Sony sells it as a more portable model. The E11 looks a bit too thick for a 11-inch display and this could affect buying decision if consumers want to travel frequently.

The laptop’s weight also mirrors this issue, since it feels a bit heavy for the size at about 1.5kg. Despite its relatively disappointing portability value, the Sony VAIO E11 has excellent finish and build quality. It also feels robust and strong. The glossy white plastic chassis feels quite pleasant to touch, although some may consider it as a little cheap.

Inside, users can find the entry-level 1.7GHz AMD E2-1800 APU “Zacate” dual-core processor. However, Sony VAIO stores in UK allow users to choose upgraded E11 models with more powerful processors. The basic model also has the AMD Radeon HD 7340 IGP, 500GB SATA HDD and 4GB of RAM, with an empty slot for another RAM module. Users should gain 6 hours of battery life with moderate usages. The Sony VAIO E11 is available in various stores in the United Kingdom for about £230.

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