Nvidia Announces the GeForce 700M GPUs

Nvidia recently unveiled a new mobile GPU family, the GeForce 700M. The company said that these new GPU models come with three built-in features that work automatically in the background to get the most battery life and performance level out of them. These features are GeForce Experience, Nvidia Optimus and GPU Boost.

GeForce Experience delivers the best in-game settings tweaks to achieve balance performance and visual quality. It also periodically checks for latest drivers. Nvidia Optimus smoothly toggles between integrated graphics and discrete GeForce 700M GPU. The GPU Boost version 2.0 offers dynamic adjustment of GPU clock rate based on load requirements and temperature level.

The GeForce 700M GPU family is consisted of 5 different discrete graphics models. The GT 720M and GT 735M are to be found on budget laptops, while the GT 720M, GT 745M and GT 750M are targeted for high-performance laptops. It’s quite likely that these GPU models are simply refreshes of the current GeForce 600M family.

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