The MSI S30-i3U465 is a slim subnotebook with glossy white plastic surface. The build quality is surely not the best we’ve seen in the market, since the lid warps easily and the outer material is so thin that the cables inside can be seen in some cases. There’s a large silvery sticker placed on the wrist rest and it could be intended to reduce the unpleasant warming sensation that users may feel.

The HDMI, Gigabit LAN and VGA ports on the left side are reasonably spaced, but USB ports, audio combo jacks and power sockets on the right feels somewhat cramped. The MSI S30-i3U465 has a pleasant chiclet-style keyboard, with quiet click noise and accurate pressure point.

The 13.3” (1366 x 768) display has low brightness and viewing angles can be rather tight. The laptop uses the Intel Core i3 3217U ULV dual-core processor. The main storage unit is the 500GB Western Digital Scorpion Blue HDD, while the 64GB Sandisk U100 SSD is used for operating system partition. For gaming purposes, users can only rely on the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000, which runs latest games smoothly mostly at medium detail settings.

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