MSI CX61-i530M245 Review

MSI LaptopsAt approximately $800 (Approx. £515), the MSI CX61-i530M245 offers a solid solution for both application and gaming performance. While other laptop makers tend to ask a higher price for such a capable machine, the 15-inch MSI CX61-i530M245 is a good choice for those who love to work and play.

Obviously, there are a few compromises buyers must be willing to accept, such as unimpressive input device and chassis quality. The exterior is dominated by cheap-looking plastic surface and there are occasional creaking sounds when the laptop is lifted. This might not be an issue for those using the MSI CX61-i530M245 at home only, but it can be annoying in office settings. The glossy 15” display is prone to reflections when used outdoors and even sometimes indoors.

The battery is rather small, allowing a rather limited battery life of 3 hours, which limits the laptop’s mobility value. Inside, there are Intel Core i5 3210M processor and Nvidia GeForce GT635M graphics card.

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