The Microsoft Windows 8 adds some additional gestures for laptop trackpads, but it still has some underlying issues that must be fully addressed. It appears that Microsoft is taking this seriously with the new Windows 8.1 update. Over the years, trackpads on Windows-based laptops have been giving users notoriously mixed experience and Microsoft is working with partners to improve that.

The company is working with Synaptics, Elan and Intel to let users obtain gesture supports, multi-touch capability and better control of the pointer with the Windows 8.1 This would mean that the trackpad would behave like a small touchscreen display, just like how trackpad works on Apple MacBook.

There will be panning support, better zooming and smoother scrolling. The project is still in an early stage, but Microsoft says that some laptop models will feature these enhancements later this year. It isn’t clear which laptop manufacturer will initially take advantage of this capability, but it is possible that Intel will add the enhanced trackpad capability to its upcoming Ultrabook guidelines.

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