MacBook Pro Edition May Arrive This Month Along with OS X Mavericks

The actual release date of the next MacBook Pro could only be weeks away. For the moment, Apple is still finishing up the OS X 10.9 Mavericks for a release later this month. The Gold Master version of the Mavericks has been pushed to developer and it is expected to include numerous power managements and feature enhancements to various Apple’s laptop models.

Apple often rolls out a Gold Master version only weeks ahead of an official public launch. The final Master version is usually available during the public release event, unless a critical bug is found. It happened earlier time when Apple unveiled the OS X 10.8 on July 9,  and the actual rolls out date came 16 days later.

The Edition of MacBook Pro will be equipped with Intel’s 4th generation processor, the Haswell, which prioritizes more on power efficiency than significant computing boost over the earlier Ivy Bridge generation. Users of the new Haswell-equipped MacBook Air have enjoyed a 5-hour boost of battery life to 12-hours, compared to the earlier Air model. The new MacBook Pro may be available for UK customers on November, before the holiday season begins.

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