Huntkey has released the highly efficient 90W Energy Star adapter for laptops. It promises nearly 90 percent of power saving. The eight different tips included with the adapter ensure better compatibility with models by major brands. As a highly reliable device, the adapter has mean time between failures value at 100,000 hours. It includes a wide array of protection technologies, including SCP, OTP, OCP, OVP and OPP.

The output is 19V direct current and the output current is 0 to 0.47 Ampere. At 0.2W, the adapter has lower standby consumption compared to other adapters in the market. As a global device, the input ranges from 110V and 240V, at either 50Hz or 60Hz. This should allow the adapter to work in many countries.

Beyond the energy efficiency improvement, the adapter is also about 20 percent smaller than previous adapters released by Huntkey. The 90W high-efficiency adapter is already available in Australia and New Zealand, but so far there’s no word on availability and pricing details for other countries.

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