HP Unveils The SureStart, a BIOS Self-Repair Feature

HP’s recent announcement would be interesting for Elitebook owners in the United Kingdom. Their newer laptop models are equipped with a self-securing BIOS technology called the Sure Start.

It essentially makes sure that the BIOS is healthy before the machine is booted up. The technology can also detect threats that try to embed themselves in the BIOS, which previously can be performed only by removing the motherboard physically from the system.

There were similar self-healing BIOS solutions in the past, but the Sure Start is somewhat different. It has an electrically isolated mechanism that performs self-check independent from other systems in the machine. It runs necessary validation process and replaces corrupted BIOS with the fresh one, if necessary. All this can be performed rapidly without causing noticeable boot up delays.

With the SureStart, HP is betting for a better positioning in a crowded, highly competitive and somewhat declining PC marketplace.

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