One month after Google and Hewlett-Packard put the kibosh on the sales of Chromebook 11 due to faulty chargers; but the lightweight laptop has returned and this time with a new power adapter. Visually, it is similar to the adapter used by the Chromebook Pixel, but a bit smaller and with the microUSB tip.

Current users of Chromebook 11 are encouraged to send their old chargers back to get a replacement, because both companies have issued a recall a few days ago. They could visit hp11chargerform to fill the form and get a free replacement

It would be interesting to see whether the new charge would solve the problem but safety should be out first priority. For this reason, some users should consider holding off on the laptop purchase until they could be sure that everything would work well. At least we should wait for about a month to see whether we get new reports on melting chargers. If not, then it could be quite safe to grab one.

Some laptops models are smoking hot, but the charger of Chromebook 11 could literally get overheated and catch fire. According to Consumers Product Safety Commission, both Google and HP have recalled about 145,000 chargers.

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