HP Elitebook 8470wHP Elitebook 8470w is an impressive implementation of latest laptop technologies and recent workstation qualities. Casing quality is exemplary and it comes with nice connectivity upgrade options. Nevertheless, there are a few disappointing design issues, such as obtrusive grid on the 15″ (1600 x 900) display, which is downright nuisance in the long run. But if you can live with it, the HP Elitebook 8470w would easily prove to be a powerful portable laptop that can compete with larger machines.

Even a longer examination doesn’t reveal uneven gaps, manufacturing defects and weak points. The materials used make good impression and they delight the eyes with brushed aluminum appearance. HP adds a number of security measures including password options, face recognition, hard drive encryption, smart card reader, fingerprint reader and Trusted Platform 1.2.

There are a number of processor models to choose from, including Intel Core i5-3360M to Intel Core i7-3740QM. The laptop comes with a dedicated graphics card and users can’t enable Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU, which fortunately doesn’t hurt battery life too much.

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