HP EliteBook 2170p Review

HP EliteBook = HP LaptopThe HP EliteBook 2170p is a small-sized model of Elitebook that adheres to the usual quality of the lineup. Made from aluminum, the case has reliable quality and strength. At 1.45 kg, the HP EliteBook 2170p is slightly heavier than other laptops with similar size, but it’s still acceptable. HP decided to omit the optical drive from the 2170p to achieve reliable thinness and stability.

There’s no HDMI-out port, but users can still connect to projectors and monitors via the VGA port.  This HP laptop has a keyboard with very solid base and free-standing keys. Typing on the keyboard is both firm and silent. The touchpad of HP EliteBook 2170p is accompanied by a pointer stick, which is quite practical. Its 11.6 (1366 x 768) display is anti glare with small screen height that can make work difficult in some cases.

The 2.0 – 3.2GHz Intel Core i7 3667U is adequately fast compared to other ULV processors. Inside, there’s also a 256GB SSD as the main storage unit, which can improve performance immensely.

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