HP Could be Developing the New Chromebook 11

The second HP’s Chromebook model may soon hit the street with a new Haswell-based Celeron processor. Compared to similar processors from earlier generations, it will offer increased battery life and improved performance.

Sources have spotted a document from HP mentioning a previously unknown laptop model, the Chromebook 11. We know absolutely nothing about the device, except for its name, which may suggest that it is an 11-inch or more likely 11.6-inch laptop running the Google Chrome OS. However, it is quite likely that it will share some of the hardware specs of the upcoming Chromebook 14, which is equipped with the Intel “Haswell” Celeron 2955U processor.

The Chrome OS is designed to support various hardware platforms. We have seen Chromebook devices powered by Intel Core i5, Intel Atom and ARM-based Samsung Exynos 5 dual-core processors.

Given that the Chromebook 14 is a budget model with 1366 x 768 display, it is also likely that the smaller Chromebook 11 will also have the same screen resolution. Not too surprisingly, the Chromebook 11 will be cheaper. It may be lighter and thinner too than its 14-inch sibling that weighs 2.4lbs and measures 0.7-inch thick.

The Chromebook 11 may have smaller battery, due to its more compact chassis, resulting in shorter battery life. Other thing we could expect is that users may have a free 2-year access for 100GB of cloud storage from Google Drive.

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