Dell Vostro 2520Dell Vostro 2520 is designed for thrifty business users, with the least expensive variant available at only 399 Euro. The laptop has mostly plastic chassis with dark matte gray color, which leaves a solid impression. The lid is firmly held in place with the stable hinges and opening it with one-hand isn’t possible. The cheapest variant of Vostro 2520 is loaded with Ubuntu 11.1, others have Windows 7 or Windows 8.

All necessary drivers are available from Dell’s official website. Like many other cheap business laptops, the Vostro 2520 has 15.6” 1366 x 768 display. The cheapest model has Intel Celeron 820 and 2GB of RAM, which are adequate for common productivity tasks, such as managing documents and spreadsheet.  It is recommended to choose the one with Intel Core i3-2328M, which is more balanced in terms of price and performance.

The Dell Vostro 2520 is a decent business laptop with matte 15.6” display. 2 years warranty, adequate processor and reasonably long battery life. Unfortunately, the laptop has disappointing repairability value; small tasks like cleaning the fan or adding memory module require a disassembly.

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