Although made completely of synthetic material, the Asus K75DE looks metallic due to the unique pattern added on the surface structure. The material is generally comfortable to the touch and the laptop, as a whole, has nice visual appeal. The connectivity options of the laptop are acceptable and ports are properly positioned, so that all of them can be used simultaneously.

The 17mm x 17mm keys feel comfortable since they are reasonably large and have slightly roughened surface. Noise during serious typing is negligible, but the stroke distance isn’t short enough. When pressed hard, the keyboard may bend slightly inward. The 17.3” (1600 x 900) HD+ LED display use glossy panel and it is not sufficiently bright, making outdoor usages a little bit difficult to do.

Inside, the Asus K75DE has AMD A8 4500M “Trinity” APU, 500GB HDD and 4GB of RAM. The integrated Radeon HD 7640G integrated GPU is a good solution for typical multimedia and productivity tasks. But when more performance is needed, the Crossfire arrangement kicks in with the 7640G working together with the Radeon HD 7670M. It is possible to reach nearly 50fps when playing Diablo III at highest detail settings.

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